The SKAC Foundation sincerely thanks the following donors for their generosity. Your contributions to the educational opportunities for young people are greatly appreciated.
* Names in parentheses were responsible for company matching gifts.
* Gifts received as of February 10, 2006.
$100 and up
Jill and Rob Bentz
Dirk Calcoen and Colleen Chien
The California Wellness Foundation (Jeff Kim)
The California Wellness Foundation (Cristina Regalado)
Peichi Chang and David Lao
Jamie and Katherine Cheng
Christopher and Nadine Chin
Clifford Chin
Craig Chin
Curtis Chin and Jeff Kim
Cynthia Chin
Marvin Chin
Margaret and Mike Downs
Daniel Lee Dudley
Matthew Jones
Hal Learman
Karl Jacoby and Marie Lee
Ema and Jan Jitsukawa-Vejsada
James and Jeanney Kim
Vicky Kuohung and Ray Nomizu
Sam Lau
Deb and Ken Lim
Jeanette J. Lim
Lida Lim
John Meulendyk and Robert Montry
Bo Kim Moy
Joseph and Kristen Pascuzzi
C.A. Pokriefka, Jr.
Herman Richter
Juliet M. Sabit
Ida Schwartz
UBS (James Kim)
Nick Velazquez
Oliver Wang
Pete Winkler
Angela and Calvin Wu Chin
Heather and Jeff Yang
Christopher Yin
under $100
Missy Alexander
Linda Anderson
Regina Barcewicz
Laura J. Benjamins
Elizabeth Blondy
Kathleen and Robert Brunner
Gloria Castro
Kwok Kuen and Wai Yi Chan
Linda Charmaraman and Rosa Lau
Darlene and William Chin
Anita and Luke Chuang
Philip Chung
Betty and Dale Cole
Kenneth Cumberworth and John Okolovitch
David and Rebecca Dixon
Gautam Dutta
Dennis and Susan Fiems
Gloria Fong and Lisa Fong McDaniel
Mary and Victor Freliga
Craig Huynh
Dorothy and Robert Kane
Lindsay and Valerie Kittel
Preeti Kulkarni
Vivian Kuo and Friends
Donald and Helen Lee
Tina Y. Lee
Andrea Louie
Anna and Richard Moy
Grace Moy
Anita Narian and Tim D. Schulze
Ann and Bill Okolovitch
Cristina and Jesse Regalado
Mary and Richard Sebesta
Amy and Martin Singer
Edward and Evelyn Stockman
Anne and Paul Tranchida
Nicole Tuchinda
Andrew T. Wang
Andrew and Olive Wong
Jeff and Marilyn Wong
Marshall Wong
Ngan Oi Woo Wong and Wing Lim Wong
David and Tina Yee
May and Tia Yee
Quock Yee
Wing Kwong Yee
Wah Yee
Charles Zamek